general technical data


  conveyors, sheet metal handling and transforming machines, steel industry
Design: huge load ball on top of tiny support balls in hardened housing made of steel and stainless steel
Specials: load ball on top of support balls with multi-directional motion
Handling: load movement manually with rolling friction
Size: 8mm - 90 mm diameter of load ball
Load: from 70 N to 40.000 N, depending on size
Housing: steel bare, zinc plated, Nylon, stainless steel
Balls: hardened steel, hardened stainless steel, Nylon
Installation: any, preferable floor mounted
Sealing: from size 22 with oil saturated felt seal
max temperature: max. 100 C° with steel balls and felt seal, if above 100 C° please contact us for details
Transport speed: max. 2m/s

Selecting the right unit:

solid ball transfer units:
sheet steel ball transfer units:
stainless steel load balls:
Nylon balls:

for extreme useage and shock loadings
for steady loadings
in open air or under wet conditions
for loads with sensitive surface
Measurements: distance determination:
size determination:
shortest edge length of the load item divided by 2,5
total load divided by 3, uneven surface of load item